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My name is Yi Long, and I am a singer-songwriter focused on giving music life through cultural expression. Born and bred in China and embraced by the vibrant music scene in the United States, I’m proud of my intercultural identity. I recently graduated with a master’s from the Musicians Institute majoring in contemporary vocal performance. I’m currently working as a faculty member in the same school and performing in multiple venues.

My musical journey has been adorned with vibrant melodies and pulsating rhythms. Since my early years, I’ve displayed a profound interest in music and mastered several instruments, including the clarinet, piano, and guitar. However, the actual ascent of my musical journey occurred when, at the age of 15, I sang on the stage of the Vancouver Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala, enchanting the audience with a Chinese traditional folk song that I rearranged. This recognition not only marked the commencement of my musical journey but also laid a sturdy foundation upon which I would build my dreams.

Driven by an inquiring mind for musical exploration, I went to Los Angeles, USA, and pursued my graduate studies at the Musicians Institute. Here, I found myself in an environment that recognized and celebrated my talents. My academic journey was complemented by the guidance of distinguished music mentors, including luminaries such as vocal coach Debra Byrd, Gina Bagg, Jessica Louise, and Tianyang Lan, and remarkable musicians such as Dean Brown, and Francis Buckley. These mentors not only nurtured my abilities but also instilled in me fresh inspiration and limitless possibilities.

My voice is often described as infectious and dynamic. My primary musical styles encompass pop, jazz, and R&B. I’m also a singer-songwriter, and my singles have had over 5 million streams across various online platforms. I’m currently collaborating with the four-time Grammy-winning musician Dean Brown on a song called “Shadows,” which I am looking forward to sharing with all of you.

In addition to my solo endeavors, I have also had the privilege of performing as a backing vocalist for many famous artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan during their U.S. Tours. These renowned artists include Christopher Wong, Priscilla Chan, Adia Chan, Johnny Yip, Jinny Ng, Frances Yip, and many more. These experiences have not only enriched my musical journey but have also allowed me to contribute my vocal talents to the performances of these artists.

In the year 2023, I achieved a significant milestone in my music career with my new single “Friday Night is Dead,” a piece where I served as the singer, songwriter, and producer. This creation earned me multiple prestigious awards in LIT international music awards, including Best Singer-Songwriter, Best Music Producer, Best Female Vocalist, and Best Funk Music, establishing me as a four-time gold award recipient. Additionally, “Friday Night is Dead” was named a finalist in the Best Asian R&B category at the InterContinental Music Awards.

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